Hip hop music is all about the beat. However, when you are a beginner, you might be wondering what kind of beats is too strong or soft.


#1: Picture how the music will sound

To get started, the easiest way is to first imagine how the beat will sound. Then use one instructment to try and replicate the sound in your head before adding another. The important thing is to get what beat down so that can replay and fine tune it. The mixing part of making hip hop music can come much later.


#2: Start with drums

Following from #1, there are many ways to record the beats down. Personally, I would start with drums. It is the best instrument that can allow you to create the beats in the head. Bass and other types are not so easy to work with when you are just starting out.


#3: Leave room for vocals

A common beginner mistake is to create too much music for the music that there isn’t much room left for the vocals. Hop hop is not only about the beats. Raps and vocals play an equally important part so make note of that when you are creating your beats.

Also, if you add too much frills to your basic beats, you will also drown out the vocal part of the song or music. By keeping it simple but catchy, the vocal will sound much much better when being recorded.


#4: Emulate artists whom you like

I hear this a lot but many folks started by just learning from people they like. There is nothing ashamed about copying the style of someone famous as you can learn a lot through mimicking someone who is good.  Once you get the basic of mimicking down, you can always add in your own thinking on how the music should sound like. For example, if you like really deep bass hip hop, learn or copy from someone who is good at that. Only when you become fluent in that kind of beat will you be able to start creating something unique in that kind of style. Learn to walk before running.


#5: Vary your sample music

Another common mistake newbies make is to use the same sample sound for their whole track, which makes it sound repetitive and boring. Once you got the whole song down, beats wise, then spend some time to search for sample bits from different recording studios. This will give more richness to your music and prevent it from sounding bland and repetitive.



Even with the tips presented here, nothing beats constant trying and practicing. If you are serious about being good at hip hop music, never stop experimenting. For example, layer track upon layer tracks of instruments can give you unexpectedly feel and groove.  Finally, never forget your love of the music. This will keep you going when you encounter stumbling blocks on your music creating journey.