1mc1dj.com started out as showcase site for the talent of Stat and Nat. In the previous incarnation, this is a place where you get to know their latest work in creating Boom Bap music that can strike and move you in your inner hearts. Through their many years of performing shows, you can see how talent the dynamic duo is and how passionate are they for hip hop music and DJing skills.

Unfortunately, Stat and Nat have moved on to greener pastures. Since we think it is a waste to leave the site as it is, we thought on carrying on the legacy of Stat and Nat by becoming an informational resource for anyone who wants to learn about their style of music and how to create it using the latest music gear in the market.

In this new site, we will be providing useful tips on how to create hip hop and Boom Bang music specifically we might occasionally venture into other types of musical style. We will also be reviewing lots of new gear such as DJ machines, studio monitors, headphones and even amps to let you stay in touch with what is out there. By knowing the latest gear, we hope you can will be able to take advantage of what is available and leverage that to make better music!