Internet is such a wonderful place for awesome discoveries like this. I was just surfing audio site when I chanced about this article: After reading through it, I feel like buying one immediately just because of how good it looks. Fortunately, I am broke at the moment so that stops the impulse LOL.


How levitating speaker works?

After discovering them, I went on to read more about how these works. The answer is simple but clever. The speakers use magnetic forces to keep the orb floating above the base. There are 2 pieces of very strong magnets being used; one is in the orb while the other is in the base. You then need to manually find the sweet spot where the magnetic forces are the strongest. This can take a few trials and errors but it is part of the fun.


Will it improve sound quality?

From the manufacturer’s website, they are promoting the fact that these floating speakers can produce better sound quality because the magnetism can be used to isolate the vibrations. While that is true, it is also not the only way to do it. Usually, audio engineers will use foam which is more cost effective but doesn’t look as cool though.

For those who are not familiar with speaker design, controlling the vibrations from the speaker is a good thing. This prevents the speaker’s own motions that resulted from the coil reaction inside from interfering with the sound produced. Magnetism can reduce this to such extend but so can other materials.


Which levitating speakers is the best?

I am not the expert since I don’t own a single piece of such speakers. However, after consulting with various review articles and actual customers reviews, here are a couple of brands that seem to produce the best quality floating speakers in the market today:

ICE: This company floating speaker looks like a frigging deathstar! No joke. If you are a Starwar fan or if you are thinking about buying a present for such a fan, this is the perfect gift. Although it is around USD90-100, your SW fan friend will be delighted at receiving this.

Wasserstein : Another brand is Wasserstein. They have 2 designs for their floating wireless speakers. I love the baseball one. When the orb (designed as a baseball) is rotating, it really looks like a floating baseball that produces music. Perfect gift for a baseball fan who loves music.

Music Angels: Music Angels design is more sleek than the previous 2 brands. It has purple lighting so it looks really cool at night when being displayed. This brand has almost the highest number of reviews as of this writing so it might a good quality brand to consider.


To conclude, this is such an awesome innovation in speaker design. Although it  doesn’t affect sound quality that much, the visual appeal is definitely stunning. If this gets more people to buy speakers, I say it is a good thing.